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Simchat Torah Honourees 5779/2018

Join us on Simchat Torah, Tuesday, Oct. 2nd as we recognize Joseph Braun with the honour of Chatan Torah and Hanna Schayer with the honour of Kallat Bereshit.

Joseph Braun

Before coming to Hamilton, Joseph Braun and his wife Bella lived in Montreal, where they were married by the chief Rabbi of Montreal.  They lived a busy and fulfilling life in Montreal for over 50 years, and were blessed with two children, a son and a daughter. Joseph owned and operated a number of dry cleaning store, until, at the age of 62, he decided to retire and sold his stores.  
When Joseph was 73, their daughter started Medical School at McMaster University, and Joseph and Bella followed her and moved to Hamilton. Their daughter now practices medicine in Oakville, while their son is a doctor in Boston.
Since joining Beth Jacob, Joseph and Bella have been regular attendees at Shabbat morning and holiday services. During the winter, the Brauns joined the other Beth Jacob snowbirds in Florida.  Joseph’s particular Floridian hobby was fishing and he invited and encouraged Beth Jacob members to join him.
After Bella became infirm, she moved into Shalom Village where Joseph visits her daily. Joseph is a sprightly 93 year old and a beloved member of the congregation.  He speaks many languages besides English, such as Russian, German, Hungarian, Polish and French and is well read.  At Kiddush, Joseph enjoys talking to his fellow congregants, and discussing many topics.
We wish Joseph many more years of health and attendance at Beth Jacob Synagogue.
Joseph is very grateful to be Chatan Torah this year and wishes all Beth Jacob members a Happy and Healthy New Year. 


Hanna Schayer
Hanna was the Executive Director of Beth Jacob Synagogue for over nine years having recently retired.  It was a job that provided numerous opportunities for her to engage with  members of Beth Jacob’s family – an experience she considered an honour and a privilege.
She is delighted to be kicking her feet up at Simchat Torah and a little overwhelmed at being carried 6 feet in the air as Kallat Bereshit.  She wishes strength to those congregants asked to do the lifting! 
A Happy and Healthy New Year to all Beth Jacob members.  May 5779 bring peace and joy to all you love.