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Our Team

Our Team

Rabbi Beni Wajnberg

Spiritual Leader


905-522-1351 X 12

Jo-Anne Brown

Synagogue Manager


905-522-1351 Ext. 10

Maureen Price

Administrative Assistant


905-522-1351 Ext. 13

Craig Starrs



905-522-1351 Ext. 14

Lance Tsuchiya

House Co-ordinator


Paula Jones

Kitchen Manager

Our Elected Leadership

President:  Lorne Richter
Vice Presidents:  Ted Lax, Dan Levy, Hanna Schayer
Treasurer:  David Walman
Secretary:  Sophie Geffros
Board of Directors:  Murray Gerson, Yael Greenberg-Livingston, Dina Honig, Randy Levinson, Alan Livingston, Philip Price, Jamie Richter, and Michael Sherman
Gabbaim: Mel Davine, Alan Livingston, Alice Pinheiro Walla, Philip Price (Head Gabbai), Michael Sherman, and Peter Smurlick 


Building Committee: Ted Lax, Dan Levy, John Levy, Lorne Richter, and David Walman (Chair)

Chesed / Membership Commitee: Mel Davine, Susan Fainer-Levy, Sophie Geffros, Jerry Goldblatt, Randy Levinson, Cindy Richter, Hanna Schayer (Chair), and Pam Zierler

Hebrew School / Education Committee: Sophie Geffros (Chair), Alan Livingston, Hanna Schayer, and Michael Sherman

Investment Committee: David Walman (Chair), Leslie Lasky, Martin Levy, Larry Rosenberg, and Josh Rotstein

Pulpit and Ritual: Victor Abraham, Murray Gerson, Ted Lax, Alan Livingston, Shayla Notman, Lou Rottman, Philip Price (Chair), Hanna Schayer, and Peter Smurlick