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A Message Regarding the Ukrainian Airlines crash in Tehran

Beth Jacob Synagogue joins the world community in mourning the incomprehensible loss of 176 innocent lives, aboard the Ukrainian International Airlines flight which crashed minutes after takeoff from Tehran, Iran’s main airport, Wednesday.

Among the victims were 63 Canadians. Two were grad students at McMaster University, and a third was a researcher at McMaster until 2018. We share in the deep sorrow the families, friends and associates of the victims are feeling at this time. We pray that you be able to find the strength and courage necessary to move forward, as
difficult as that will be.

We hope a thorough, honest investigation is carried out and that appropriate steps are taken in response to the findings.

Judaism teaches that when a single life is lost, an entire world is lost (Mishna, Sanhedrin 4:5). We bitterly mourn the loss of 176 entire worlds. We pray for a day when a great and comprehensive
peace embraces the entire world so that no one needs to experience pain or suffering anymore. And we commit ourselves to do whatever is in our power to help make that vision of peace a

May the memories of the 176 victims always be for blessing.

In solidarity,
Rabbi Hillel Lavery-Yisraeli