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Hebrew School

Hebrew School

At Beth Jacob Hebrew School, we aspire for our students to emerge as lifelong learners with the connectedness, knowledge, and skills necessary to participate actively and meaningfully in a Jewish life.

  • Identify as a member of k’lal Yisrael (the world Jewish community)
  • Live ethical Jewish lives.
  • Perform acts of Tikkun Olam (“repairing the world”)
  • Participate actively and with understanding in prayer services
  • Be familiar with both written and spoken Hebrew
  • Perform mitzvot (‘commandments’; good deeds)
  • Demonstrate a connection to and love for the State of Israel
  • Understand Jewish history


Our program provides a rejuvenated and highly experiential approach to Jewish education. In class, our dynamic staff works with a progressive curriculum to give your children an interactive, stimulating, relevant and FUN Jewish education. Our teachers have the flexibility to scale the program to the needs of their students, and our small class sizes promote a sense of closeness and enable our staff to give the students considerable one-on-one attention.


Beth Jacob Synagogue is a joyful and caring home where young families can embrace their Jewish identity and explore the importance of Jewish values, learning, and community. Our education program is thoroughly integrated with the life of the entire congregation, and adult community members are partners in learning with our children.

Registration Information

Beth Jacob Hebrew school is now using a rolling-registration process.  Families are enrolled in the next grade and billed a full tuition unless we hear that your student will not be returning. 

As financial situations change and our ability to subsidize students is limited, requests for bursaries must be completed each year there is a continuing need. 

Year-At-A-Glance calendars will be made available in the first week of school. A Month-At-A-Glance calendar is also distributed throughout the year, to accommodate for any changes and provide more detail on programs.


Wednesdays 4:30-6:00 pm
The school will be open by 3:45 pm each Wednesday to welcome students for an after-school snack. At this time snack will not be provided due to the pandemic – please bring your own. Before class begins, we offer structured social time which may include Israeli games, mini-fitness class, and homework catch-up time.
Hebrew School will officially begin at 4:30 pm.

Attendance prior to 4:30 pm is optional; it is intended to serve as bonus time for the children to spend together after they finish day school. We will have full supervision. 

At 4:30 pm the school join together in the Richter Chapel for t’fillah (prayer), parsha (Torah portion), and shira (songs) with Rabbi Hillel and teaching staff. Classes will follow until 6:00 pm.

School-wide programs with Temple Anshe Sholom Hebrew School
We value our relationship with Temple Anshe Sholom Hebrew School and are happy to join with them for special programs, such as:

  • Chanukah Celebrations
  • Performances for Shalom Village residents
  • Tu Bishvat plant activities
  • And more!

Grades 5 – 7 
This year, the curriculum for students in grades 5-7 will be divided into Hebrew and Judaics. In Hebrew, students will focus on mastering their Hebrew and prayer proficiency.

The Judaic component will explore lifecycles, mitzvot, values, and choice making. Students will take on projects aimed at enhancing their understanding of their B’nai Mitzvah identity and responsibilities. There will also be field trips, guest speakers or project leaders, and joint learning with Temple Anshe Sholom’s school during school-wide events.

Shabbat and Holiday Programming

In addition to regular Hebrew school classes, we encourage our students and families to participate in Shabbat and Holiday programming which may fall outside of regular Hebrew school hours. Some examples of these programs include: 

  • Rosh Hashanah Family Service
  • Yom Kippur Family service
  • Sukkah decorating, service and dinner
  • Congregational Chanukah Dinner
  • Purim carnival
  • Model Seder at school
  • Yom Ha’Atzmaut celebration

Information about these programs will be shared in advance.

Annual Tuition Fees
Tuition includes Hebrew School (including snacks and before-class social time), Shabbat programming, plus the congregational Chanukah dinner for the student and their immediate family (parents and siblings who are not Hebrew School age).

Beth Jacob Member Tuition: $750
Non-Member Tuition: $845

Tuition can be paid in-full or in installments over the first term. Payment plans and bursaries are available for families that require them. Requests for payment plans or bursaries must be made in writing along with the registration forms by September 17, 2021. All requests will be kept confidential.

For more information or to enroll, please contact your Hebrew School Director, Aimee Wigley, at aimee@bethjacobsynagogue.ca.