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Sponsor a Kiddush

Sponsor a Kiddush

The Talmud teaches us that all Jews are responsible for each other. We live in our communities as unique individuals but cognizant of this fundamental connection – we know to whom we belong. This understanding of ourselves and our communal obligations shapes our daily lives and informs our life cycle observances and, as is the way in most things Jewish, is accompanied by food. The joys of dining together is perhaps most evident in our Shabbat observances where we are commanded to eat three meals: Friday night dinner, Saturday lunch and again on Saturday evening – Seudah Shlishit.

At Beth Jacob, while we occasionally host Friday night congregational dinners, Kiddush lunch and Seudah Shlishit are provided weekly and provide a wonderful opportunity for congregants to experience the joy of Shabbat and the blessings of community. When commemorating a special occasion or life cycle event, consider sponsoring a Kiddush lunch. Not only would you be obeying a Talmudic imperative but you would also be alleviating some of the pressure on Beth Jacob’s budget: A double mitzvah!

Sponsoring a Kiddush lunch is affordable – as much as possible, we gear the menu to suit your budget. Call or email Lloyd in the shul office at office@bethjacobsynagogue.ca or call 905 522-1351 ext. 26. Your community thanks you.

Click here to see an a la carte menu for a Kiddush sponsorship.