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Daily Minyan

Daily Minyan

The Daily Minyan at Beth Jacob Synagogue is an on-going foundation of the community. We come together in the beautiful Richter Chapel to join in prayer and song in a fully egalitarian setting. In addition to our regular worshippers, we are joined by those in mourning or honouring a yahrtzeit to recite the Kaddish.

We welcome new faces at any time and look forward to meeting you!


9:00 am – Sunday
7:30 am – Monday
7:45 am – Tuesday, Wednesday
7:30 am – Thursday

Please check the service calendar for Friday morning service times, as there is not a service every week.

If you will be needing a minyan to say Kaddish,  let the office know three days in advance and we will make every effort to ensure a minyan is present.


6:00 pm – Sunday to Thursday

Friday and Saturday service times, including mincha (afternoon prayers), change weekly according to sunset. Please check our service calendar for this weeks schedule.